Well if you don’t know then now you knnow and knowing is half the battle.

Haley Joel Osment flipped his car early this morning, after colliding with a brick pillar, according to the LA Country Sheriff’s Dept. The driver of the brick pillar was not identified.

Osment, 18, was driving in La Canada to his home. He was alone in the vehicle. And he was alone because he was driving a 1995 Saturn.

Now ole dude had soem hits and I know he isn’t broke so what’s he doing rolling a ’95 Saturn?

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  1. Haley “I see dead people” Osment…hope he’s okay and I really hope that drugs and alcohol weren’t involved. From the report I heard this morning, tests are being run on his blood to check for those things. Let’s hope for once, a child star involved in accident, doesn’t involve drugs/alcohol.

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