There is a saying “Stuck on Stupid” and this story definitely brings that to mind. A man was convicted for manslaughter with a shooting that occurred in 2007. He walked with 8 years probation (how the hell that happened is beyond me). Upon his release from jail he subsequently showed up back at jail asking to be let back in fearing the victims family was after him. So this fool attempts to BREAK BACK INTO JAIL. Don’t believe me read the article below. For his efforts Mr. Jiles who escaped a manslaughter charge with 8 years probation managed to get himself 15 years on a probation violation for trying to break back into prison!

Sylvester Jiles, 25, of Cocoa, originally was sentenced to eight years of probation under a plea deal on a manslaughter charge in the 2007 shooting death of 19-year-old Dustin Prouse. On Aug. 31 of last year, three days after his release, he returned to the jail and begged deputies to take him back in custody, saying he feared retaliation from the victim’s family. Jail officials said they couldn’t take him in and told him to file a police report.

Authorities said Jiles then tried to climb a 12-foot fence at the detention center. He was caught and hospitalized with severe cuts from the barbed wire.

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