i just bought a Sansa E260 and I didn’t want to use Windows media player and sync my music so I was trying to find an alternative to add album art to my player. I came across this website with the answer to adding Album art manually

Sansa E260
Sansa E260

Sansa E260 screen
Sansa E260 screen shots

* Under the Settings on your player, set the USB mode to MSC (Mass Storage Class) – the device will act like a flash drive. DON’T put it on MTP (Music Transfer Protocol) – that’s for using WMP.
* In WinXP, make sure you are displaying hidden folders under the “Tools -> Folder Options -> View” tab. Your music will appear under Artist -> Album -> .mp3. All you have to do is put a 200×200 JPG file with your album art into a file called “Album Art.jpg” in that folder. Album art will appear.

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