I logged onto Facebook today (can’t be many more month until that is not in my vocab anymore, See Myspace) and I was presented with a post from someone I went to elementary school and Junior High with. In the post he had posted a pic of President Obama at the Nuclear Security Summit with the caption “BOW TO CHINESE COMMUNIST”.

Obama Bows at Nuclear Security Summit 2010

Ok I guess this was supposed to mean that President Obama Kowtow’s to Communist, Marxist, Socialist Regimes and is part of the overall socialist movement to bring down the USA and plunge the world into a Communist red state. I guess you could look at it that way if you paint all your thinking with a political slant. And that is whats so frustrating in the political debate because the other side (or whatever side you may be on) we cannot have a open honest political debate if all your arguments are based on fanning wild conspiracy theories and never actually talking about real issues. For me I would take a look at that picture and say okay what is customary for dignitaries to do when greeting each other. Let’s take a look at Dubya our previous president.

Bush at APEC

Okay so here he is bowing to a dignitary at the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). I don’t know was the socialist experiment started with Dubya before Obama?

Bush bows to Pope

Well hmm, here is Dubya bowing to the Pope, I don’t think the Pope is socialist but who knows I could be wrong.

Maybe I should go further back!

Eisenhower Bowing to the Pope

Okay here is Eisenhower bowing to the Pope, this is really starting to get interesting this whole conspiracy is actually older then I thought.

Eisenhower Bowing to the Queen

Wow and last but not least Eisenhower bowing to the Queen so the Brits are in on this too!! I think you get the picture, can we lay off the bombastic rhetoric and actually bring up some valid arguments?

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