The story is all over the news about Phillip Garrido a convicted sex offender who kidnapped and raped a woman in the 70’s and later Kidnapped, raped and held hostage an eleven year old girl in 1991 till she was released this week at the age of twenty nine. Oh not only did he kidnap and rape an eleven year old girl he also fathered two children with her. As horrific as the story is in my mind this whole ordeal should and could have been avoided. Let’s go back to 1976 when Garrido kidnapped and raped a 25 year old woman. Here is the description of the horrible crime:

Newspaper accounts of the assault said Garrido had hitched a ride with the then-25-year-old casino worker from South Lake Tahoe – and attacked her in the car.

The victim told police Garrido handcuffed her, taped her mouth, tied her up and drove to a mini-storage warehouse in Reno.

Garrido then dragged the woman into one of the units, which he’d decked out with rugs on the floor and walls – and equipped with pornographic magazines, a movie projector, marital aids, a spotlight, wine and hot water.

The woman was rescued when Reno Police Officer Clifford Conrad spotted the car and knocked on the unit door to investigate.

When Garrido opened the door, Conrad heard his captive scream.

For this Garrido was sentenced in 1977 to fifty (50) years in prison. How in the Hell he was paroled in 1988 is beyond me but a short three (3) years later in 1991 he kidnapped his eleven year old victim and held her for 18 years. When are we going to make and inact laws that make sense, from what I understand the ACLU fought for and won the right for rapist not to receive the death penalty for there crimes. If that was not enough the ACLU later went to court on behalf raping child molestors to have them excluded from the death penalty as well. Who advocates for the victims of these scumbags? And who will stand up to protect innocent children from these monsters? The death penalty to me is too good for child molestors, something along the lines of CIA type terroist interrogation for twenty years before death would be just about right!

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