I’m sure this has happened to you at some point, you work at your desk day after day and occasionaly you get out and surf the web, you and a good friend email back and forth all day until one day they send you an email that says something like “Hey we can chat faster if you install _______” blank of course being one of the preferred messengers out there either Aim, MSN, Yahoo or ICQ. Now you and your friends are chatting away all day every second you get, your preformance slips and off course your boss knows what your up to by the chirp of the keys from over the cubicle wall. So inevitably it comes to pass that IT is brought into the picture and you arrive at work to find yoru computer workstation is just a little different and lo and behold your beloved _______ (fill in the blank with messenger of your choice) messenger is gone. Well they may have stopped you for now but you wont let that hold you down, I’ll just reinstall and … oh what is this “You do not have sufficient privileges to perform this operation please contact your system administrator” or something to that effect. Will contacting the system admin is out of the question so back to the old email chat you go. Eventually though you friend will stop chatting with you because email just takes to long and there are lots of other friends out there who have IM so you ar eleft high and dry. Well never fear online messenger chat is here, if you still have access to the internet you can access all your favorite Instant Messengers just like the good old days try anyone of these services:



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