Came across this story today and sometimes this makes me agree with the people who say the world is coming to an end.  Then I come back to reality and realize there are just really a small select group who are completely and utterly depraved. Case in point the following story of people who start off trying to be bigger then themselves and take in a kid from the foster system but unfortunately and something that really gets me super heated they turned to torturing the poor kid for their own personal amusement. Not only did they torture the kid mercilessly but they even had there neighbors participate and had the nerve to preform these acts in front of their four (4) children aged 2-9. Okay Maybe it’s just me but there is really no need for a trial if not death penalty automatic life in prison is my choice. I know we have “innocent until proven guilty” but seriously this kid was in the foster system, one of the most vulnerable of society and his injuries were so bad a Dr. said he needed skin grafts to repair burned skin.

His physical condition was so bad that he required skin grafts to repair burn damage all over his body, according to a doctor who testified before the grand jury.

Now to me that excludes the foster parents from conjuring up any story that would make me consider anything other then life in prison. I reallythink that we could pass on sending people to prison for drug offenses and start sending rapist, child molesters, child abusers and murderers to prison for life terms.

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