Ok I live in Southern California and we have an enormous illegal immigrant problem here. I for one am totally against illegal immigration but mind you not against LEGAL immigration. And contrary to what people want you to believe that people who are against illegal immigration are racist it has nothing to do with racism at all. We have laws in this country and they should be followed. Am I for deporting 11 million illegal immigrants hell naw that is not even a viable option in my opinion but we should close the border and make sure that the illegal immigrants here become documented and that all future immigrants become documented. That being said I watched a program last night that dealt with this issue it was on the FX network a show called “30 Days” The show is the the brain child of Morgan Spurlock the man who previously brought us “Super Size Me“. The premise of the show is simple Spurlock takes people or participates himself in living like someone else for 30 days, a reality show version of “Walk a day in my shoes”. So in this particular episode he takes a member of the Minuteman organization, who is himself a legal immigrant from Cuba and places him with an illegal immigrant family from Mexico who now resides in Los Angeles. Now I know I am totally against illegal immigrants but after watching this show you get a real sense off how this family (it was a beautiful family too the kind of people that work hard, care about themselves and others and was very religious) simply wanted a better life for themselves. When faced with conditions they lived in here in the US you know they are being exploited and it’s a shame but then there was a twist to the show, the minuteman (Frank) went to Mexico to visit the brother and family of the father of the illegal immigrant family. Whoa is all I can say, the situation in Mexico was a dayum shame. The poverty level in the USA is a step up from what the family would have experienced in Mexico. I would have to say it opened my eyes in that we have to look at this in more then just numbers and try to find a solution that not only follows the law but also comes from our Savior who teaches us to love your fellow man as you would your self. No one can look at the way these people would have to live in there country and have a heart and say “Lets send them back to that”. Hopefully we will get a leader in this country that will sit down and roll up his sleeves and really bring the discussion to the American people and hammer out a real solution to the problem, until then check your local listings and be sure to catch this show when it airs again it was touching.

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  1. You are so right Malcolm – we must abide by the laws of this country with no exceptions. I also think you’re dead on with closing the borders temporarily until we get those illegal immigrants currently living here documented. It’s absoulutely rediculous to think that we can deport that many people let alone afford to do so.

    I loved that show “30-days”, thanks for reminding that the new season had started. The most impactful thing for me was the upclose and personal look at what living in some parts of Mexico really means. Although I was aware of the poverty issues…I never considered no running water and the condition of the housing (if you want to call it that) and no indoor plumbing. I’m not in favor of immigrants crossing our borders illegally, but if I was in that situation – it’s hard to believe that I wouldn’t do the same thing to survive and especially if it meant the survival of my family.

    Another great one!!

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