Ok it happens again and it never ceases to amaze me you woudl think things that are common sense would just be completed and lets move on but off course if you talk to any of the people in public office there response is “Well ther’s a process that has to be followed”, “He has to have his day in court”. Now you tell me, picture this scenario a man walks into a police station, goes up to the duty desk and tells the officer there that he has killed four women and then produces a severed breast out of his shirt pocket. Ok now how fast can you say “LIFE IN PRISON” well obviously not fast enough because do you know it took seven years for this man to get convicted here read the whole story.

Now I don’t know if your for or against the Death penalty and I’m not going to go into it now but this guy was so obviously guilty why would it take seven years to convict him. Either the system is royally screwed or there are just so many people awaiting trial that the system is overly backlogged. Anyway it’s a sad story, and hopefully the family of the victims can find some peace now that he has been convicted.

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