President Bush

The national elections were last night and in many ways it was a prime example of Democracy at work. The American people finally said to the President “Where tired of arrogance and the cowboy attitude”. For the President he gains a reprieve because his job was not on the line last night but his folly took a toll on the Republican Party lets take a look at the results. The Democrats entered Election Day with a good chance to take the House and an outside chance at the Senate. As the night came to an end the Democrats were all but assured of winning control of the House and were in close contention to win the Senate too. That brings us to President Bush’s press conference where he was arrogant last week he was more amicable today shortly before announcing the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld. So the Republicans are left in shambles and are waiting for the outcome in Virginia between Democrat Jim Webb and Republican Senator George Allen, Webb holds a 7,000 vote lead at the moment but Allen is refusing to concede. From this whole thing I hope our politicians come to understand we as a people are not interested in being painted into a corner as Democrats or Republicans, Conservatives or Liberals, Rich or Middle Class, Blue states or Red States. We want a Democracy that represents the people and works for the people and if the politicians won’t or don’t want to do that then we will remove them from office.

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