Once again we are presented with a story that cries out as just not being fair if your not from the southland (southern California) you may not have heard of this story but over the weekend a young lady was arrested after a police officer observed here beating a young man over the head with a purse and repeatedly punching him in the face. She was subsequently arrested and when booked into jail admitted to being in the country illegally. The prosecutor in the case eventually declined to press domestic abuse charges because the young man (the suspects boy friend) did not wish to pursue charges, however the young lady (Aracely Lopez as we later learned) was turned over to ICE agents and awaits deportation.

Now here is where I find injustice, I believe that we need to enforce our borders and follow the laws as they are written. However I am not in favor of throwing every illegal immigrant out of the country. Each case is different as in the case of this young lady who happens to be only 19. Aracely freely admits she is in the country illegally but the circumstance is that she was brought here at the age of 3 by here parents. Now to me her parents are the ones who committed the crime and not her. But we are going to take a 19 year old lady and throw her in a foreign country she has no knowledge off. it just seems really unfair to me to lump her together with people who illegal cross the border under there own power. She was a child when brought here and should be given some leeway. just my two cents!!!

Aracely Lopez

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