I came across a website the other day and it had “Five questions for Interfaith couples”, intefaith of course being couples of two religions or even couples where one may have a faith and one may not. The questions were interesting so I thought I would share them, they are:

1. What do we each personally believe from a religious standpoint and which aspects are we willing to compromise?
2. Which holidays do we feel strongly about celebrating each year?
3. How will we handle questions and pressure that may arise from our respective families and their current traditions and customs?
4. Are either of us willing to convert to maintain a family following just one religion?
5. If we decide to have children, how will we raise them in terms of religion and spirituality?

So let me see if I can answer these, first off what would I be able to compromise in my faith, wow honestly nothing. My faith is a beleif and to be true to it I have to stay in faith, so could I compromise I don’t think so nor would I expect the person I’m with to compormise their faith. Two, holidays I am not too concerned with they are nice but they tend to loose allot of there meaning with the commercialism of the US. Would I celebrate Yom Kappur or some other religious holiday I doubt it. Three, as far as a family member asking questions to me, I love my family but I would not allow them to interfere in my current relationship. So I would not see family being a problem in my relationship, ok number four would I be willing to convert to another religion, hmmm. I doubt very seriously that I would be willing to convert but I would keep an open mind. And five and this is big in regards to children I would want to raise them as Christians. I often here people say that if they have different faiths they would not pressure there kids into their faith or their spouses but allow them to grow up and choose where they want to go. I would not submit my child to a cult like existance but as far as letting them choose on there own that’s ridiculous I mean you can attend church the whole time you are growing up and still choose to adopt another faith when you reach adult hood people do it all the time. But is a faith so bad for a kid, I don’t think so it helps you to keep your head on straight and beleive you have meaning to your life. I guess the main thing that these questions say to people or should make them see is that, in this day in age you already have allot against you in a new marriage. If you add these struggles to it you are setting yourself up for disaster, not that people don’t marry from different faiths and make it work but it woudl be hard to add in more pressure and be successful. For me sharing my life with someone of my faith would setup a situation where I know we can come to agreement on issues because we would have a foundation to build on. Conversely we can grow in our faith and connection as a unit to each other and God. So from experience, common sense and a greater understanding of my faith I know now what to look for and aspire to be a part off. And through faith I have now exactly what he promsed a true blessing!

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