Ok I just finished watching Nancy Grace and they had this lady on there who was a victim of domestic abuse and had been to court several times to try to get help. Instead of helping her this Son of a B*tch judge (exscuse my French but I’m so pissed right now) humilated her in court and removed the restraining order against her sick wife beating husband.

cade.yvette.jpg Luckily this bastard got what he deserves (article). But the thing I want to know is the judge who dismissed the restraining order against her husband going to get what he deserves. He is up on charges:

Judge Palumbo (who abruptly and with sarcasm dismissed the protection order against the estranged husband) had formal misconduct charges filed against him yesterday. The complaint filed by Maryland’s judicial commission says that Palumbo violated judicial standards when he dismissed the protective order against Yvette Cade’s estranged husband. Also, that he showed insensitivity to alleged victims and their families with frequent inappropriate comments during hearings of their cases. Yvette Cade wasn’t the first person he had acted inappropriately to in one of his hearings. She just had the worst outcome. There will be a hearing on the charges at the end of August.

I hope this judge goes to jail although I know he will get little more then a slap on the wrist ig anything. Why though is this judge sitting there and not doing his job, if you enter a job where you are a civil servant Iwoudl think your underlinging goal is to help people so why is this judge, cruel and callous to people who appear before him for help. If anything he gave Yvette Cade the exact opposite of what she needed and actually hastened her brutal assualt by this scumbag. My heart goes out to Yvette and she will be in my prayers.

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  1. This is such a tragic story. I saw this young lady first on the Oprah show a couple of months ago and again yesterday on Nancy Grace as well. The video of her actually being set on fire was chilling and to see her today and the courage she’s showing confirms my belief in God.

    This judge should be punished for his reckless behavior and his blatant disregard for another human being. In my opinion he should be sitting right next to her husband in prison because with actions, he may have well have poured the gasoline and lit the fire himself.

    As we can imagine, Yvette has tons of outstanding medical bills with several more surgeries to go. If you’re interested, a trust fund has been established to help her with those bills and other financial needs:

    Yvette Cade Trust
    P.O. Box 6396
    Silver Spring, MD 20916

    Let’s all keep Yvette and her family in our prayers.

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