Ok, this is a big part of the news now and rightfully so, not to be a psycho conspiracy nut but are the rights of the good old American citizens slowly being eroded. College campuses who spawned debate and forward thinking are now falling to the crush of our civil rights slowly being eroded. Now this kid obviously had some facts whether they were real or not, and he was a little abrasive. but what happened to having a debate and hearing all ideas whether we consider them baseless or not. The right considers people who do not subscribe to there train of thought as liberals, whom they brand as unamerican, in affect weakening your will to resist. I think he had a valid point, why did we attempt to impeach Clinton for his transgressions (which I morally think where wrong) and not Dubya whose policies are actually killing and getting individuals killed? More on that later but her is the video courtesy of Youtube.


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