I came across this on youtube today (Here). http://youtube.com/watch?v=_5eBrfrWoTk basically the reporter’s contention is that Bush planned the war between Lebanon and Israel as a pre-cursor to going into Iran. Basically a way to see how the enemy would fight and defend their position. These are some pretty serious accusations, and I think probably in all likelihood true. See you have to think of the bigger picture. In the Bush cabal mind the Middle East is a key area and not because of religious reasons but for the simple fact that as it stands right now the 1st world depends on crude oil to basically exist. A good website to find out about the U.S. dependence on oil is www.oilcrisis.com. With the first worlds dependence on crude oil, for gas, heat, generation of electricity, jet fuel basically our whole infrastructure is dependent on oil, for this reason the control of the oil in the Middle East is big. So the regimes in the Middle East that are unfriendly to the west are going to be under attack. Does it make it right off course not but then again it depends on what side of the fence you sit. A war with Iran is probably inevitable and military minds running the US figure now is probably better then waiting for them to acquire nuclear armament.

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