Came across this article in the the LATimes, abiut Bechtel Corp. a company that won a bid in 2003 to help rebuild Iraq. If you read the article there are some pretty interesting thinga in there the key points to me being that the contract awarded was for $2.3 billion but the promise was for more to come in continued projects in Iraq after a stable democracy was established. As the article states though Bechtel Corp.s soon found that the promise of a stable democracy is seeming further and further out of reach now and they simply decided to call it quits.

“We were told it would be a permissive environment. But to the horror of everyone, it never stabilized. It just went down, down, down, and to this day it continues to go down,” said Cliff Mumm, who ran Bechtel’s Iraq operation. “I’m proud of what we did, but had law and order prevailed, it would be a different situation.”

For Bechtel Corp. a major problem has been the turmoil created by the constant fear employees  have to live under. In all 52 emploeyees of Bechtel were murdered in Iraq. In all the stories coming out of Iraq it seems not to be going very well i just hope that we can choose a diferent direction and end up doing some good in that country.

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