So from time to time I help my friends out with there computers, for friends or family or whomever. All I say is throw a few dollars my way cause if you went to a computer shop and got the same service you would be paying a hell of allot more then anything I’m gonna ask of you. So why is it when you try to help people out they come at you sideways. Case in point if I am hooking you up with a computer, I put the operating system on and all that update all the drivers, give you the antivirus and DVD players then how do people have the nerve to come at you with that “Well your gonna put Microsoft office on there aren’t you?”

Um i don’t know am I? I mean people please it’s not that easy to just roll Microsoft office on your computer has anyone of these people ever checked the price of Microsoft office here let me help you. The cheapest version of Office will run you about $129. So what am I supposed to do buy a copy for everyone I help out, on what the $25 they reluctantly give up. No not likely to happen so from now on I’m not even going to worry about it if you want an office suite then get an open source product. It works great, can open Microsoft Office documents and best of all it’s FREE.

Don’t know where to go here:

1. – arguably the best office suite out on the open market.

2. 602pcsuite – These guys used to be free but at $39.95 still a bargain.

3. SSuite – Not familar with this suite but it is free.

4. Writely –  This is an online word processor the company was just purchased by Google.

You also have the linux versions which are really nice.

5. KOffice – runs with KDE

6. Gnome Office – runs with Gnome.

7. Abiword – Linux also runs on Mac and Windows

I hope this helps someone out and they take advantage of some really great software. Remember Microsoft Office is not the only option. And now you know!!!

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  2. Gnome Office isn’t the most formal collection and both Abiword and Gnumeric can run on Windows.

    KOffice doesn’t run on Windows yet but parts of it are available for windows. The database applciation Kexi runs on windows as does a slightly different version of Kivio from is a great collection of all kinds of software, not just office and a pretty good way to get your friends started.

    Thanks for using Abiword.

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