Good vs. Championship caliber coaches

There is a big difference between good coaches and championship caliber coaches. For this example let’s use Mike D’Antoni. He has been considered a good coach while in Phoneix with the Suns and big things where expected when he came to the NY Knicks. Granted NY was horrible his first couple years but after they […]

Cavs owner Rips LeBron James

So today was a pretty strange day. The biggest player in basketball held a news conference and announced he was riding off into the sunset with two other All-Stars (one arguably a superstar in Dwyane Wade). I personally have never seen anything like it and not sure I will anytime soon but the best theatrics […]

Basketball Trash talking at it’s best!!

I am not sure how many people saw this but it was mentioned by the crew calling the game during the Lakers and Nuggets game tonight so I just had to look it up. And I have to say that trash talking on the court never leaves you not even when you leave the court […]