So many stories lately of Pastor, Preachers, Clergy falling from grace:

Reverend Ted Haggard in Colorado was forced to resign and admit his guilt. Article.

Carlton Pearson who’s recent message of inclusion has caused his church congregation to dwindle. Article.

Reverend Terry Hornbuckle in Texas is actually going to jail for rape. Article.

“Deliver us from Evil” a movie out now that chronicles father Oliver O’Grady who molested a number of kids. Article.

Everyday it seems another story like these pops up. People of faith know that this is the devils way of making you question your faith. All we can do is continue in our faith and place it in our Heavenly Father and our salvation his son Jesus Christ. Putting ones faith in a man makes no since because in the end he is just a man. Place ones faith in God!

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