AI and the “Law of Robotics”


Isaac Asimov, a visionary science fiction writer, is renowned not only for his captivating stories but also for his groundbreaking contribution to the field of robotics. In his works, Asimov introduced the famous “Laws of Robotics,” a set of ethical principles designed to govern the behavior of intelligent machines and robots. These laws, first proposed […]

First Time in History: All Patients in 100% Remission in Cancer Treatment Early Trial

concept about fighting against cancer

The medical community is abuzz over the results of a small but extremely promising experimental drug trial in which all 12 rectal cancer patients achieved remission within six months. The trial was conducted by oncologists at the revered Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. The New York Times reported Sunday that cancer had […]

Time Travel impossible?

For me time travel was never a possibility but now a Chinese scientist is reporting he has proven it is not possible. Here is an excerpt.   Sorry Doc, Scientists Say Time Travel Is Impossible   Article found here.,2817,2389132,00.asp Dashing the hopes of “Back to the Future” and “Bill and Ted” fans alike, a […]