Herman Cain: Most Black People Too Poor To Tea Party

How come the Tea Party (Aka Republican Party) can always manage to find them an Uncle Tom? Until he starts going off script (Michael Steele, Colin Powell anyone) then it will be “Well he wasn’t a true conservative”. If he thinks this Uncle Tom Foolery is really going to get him the Republican nomination he […]

Yes We Can! Health Care Reform Is here!

Tonight, finally after a grueling election where we were asked to be more involved then ever in our life time. After a year of our first African-American president in office where we saw attacks that were so divisive, so racist, so bigoted. Where the Democrats and Independents and to a small extent Republicans who were […]

Mortgage Crisis far from over

The economy has slowed down from it’s outright free-fall in 2009. Although there has not been a rebound in jobs we have seen a slowing of layoffs and a rise in consumer confidence. The remaining question out there is “Is the Mortgage Crisis Over?”. Honestly the fed is saying we are in the clear but […]