Black city of Colombia: San Basilio de Palenque

Came across this town in Columbia called “San Basilio de Palenque” it was founded by escaped slaves. I am going to add to this page with more examples so make sure to check back often.

Tustin USMC

TUSTIN USMC I was recently in Orange County, CA and decided to ride by the old military base I grew up on, USMC Tustin. One of the biggest things (literally and figuratively) were the twin hangars, some of the biggest wooden structures in the world. I managed to snap a few pictures and get a […]

AI and the “Law of Robotics”


Isaac Asimov, a visionary science fiction writer, is renowned not only for his captivating stories but also for his groundbreaking contribution to the field of robotics. In his works, Asimov introduced the famous “Laws of Robotics,” a set of ethical principles designed to govern the behavior of intelligent machines and robots. These laws, first proposed […]