Tonight, finally after a grueling election where we were asked to be more involved then ever in our life time. After a year of our first African-American president in office where we saw attacks that were so divisive, so racist, so bigoted. Where the Democrats and Independents and to a small extent Republicans who were disenchanted with their party we finally, finally took a real step forward in America. A step to really make ourselves the greatest country on earth. To me the idea that the U.S. could not in fact implement Universal Health Care and in fact make it better then any country out there that has the same process in place. I know that we can the problem was just summoning enough courage to embrace change, FINALLY!!! Take a look at the Congressional Budget Offices take on health care. They truly believe that health care as it exist today is unsustainable. I hope that people can move forward and really work to the common good of all.

My post on a current Facebook page:”
“The current system as is was unsustainable if you look at the Congressional budget office which both parties use to look at things objectively, the retiring baby boomers will bankrupt the system. ( Therefore reform has to happen. The idea is more people in the pool will offset the cost. Currently the uninsured show up at the emergency room and the taxpayers end up paying the price. With more preventative care and the risk spread around the costs will be reduced. Don’t be scared of change we need to think progressively and come up with new solutions. Our current system is over 50 years old and out dated. And just because this piece of legislation passed it doesn’t mean it has to be the end, if Republicans think there are more reforms to be made then please stand up and fight for them. We need to move forward to better the system!”

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