Watched a documentary on HBO last night (actually it appeared on HBO a while ago but saved on my girlfriend’s DVR) called “The Trials Of Daryl Hunt“. You really have to watch this movie to realize how our justice system for some is just the opposite unjust. You should take a look at Daryl Hunts website “The Daryl Hunt Project .org“. I have written about this problem before so I really won’t go in depth again but the simple fact is that for poor and minorities the justice system is a very different system then for those who are not of color and do not fall into the poor category. And even for some whites if you are poor you can be rail-roaded too by a system where people care more about conviction rates and closing cases such as the story chronicled by John Grisham in his book “The Innocent Man“. This issue is something that should not stand in the supposedly greatest country in the world. But I think the deeper issue is the growing rate of disparity in wealth in this country that leaves a certain class the poor to be trampled on.

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