The Supreme Court does the Rope-A-Dope

From CNN this morning. In a landmark ruling that will impact the November election and the lives of every American, the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the controversial health care law championed by President Barack Obama. Now I had a feeling the night before that this was going to happen. Why? you might say […]

Can anyone still be taking Palin seriously?

Came across this article this morning (here) where Palin while visiting Alaska admits that she used to sneak across the border for some of that single payer health care in Alaska!! Wow this lady is something else she derides single payer as if it is the devil incarnate but she used it plenty of times. […]

McCain Can’t, Yes we Can!!!

Remember now all though you may see Rush Limbaugh endorse Senator McCain it wasn’t always like that, take a look here where Rush says McCain is not a Maverick. He’s just playing the American card or the patriot card, the prisoner of war story or whatever, and that happens to appeal to some people.  But […]