I have a number of friends who love to drone on and on about the latest conspiracy, whether it be 911, police setups, governmental weather control, area 51 cover up, masonic mason world domination or whatever your pleasure. But one that always seems to creep in is the belief that our government officials are somehow handpicked by an evil (Think guy in red suit with horns) force to usurp mankind and lead us down the wrong path. Now I am a christian but I do not place everything bad that happens on the back of”He who will not be name”, oh I might not be able to use that Harry Potter has that title locked up. So when I hear that Obama is in with the “Elite” along with all the other politicians I take it with a grain of salt. Then I come across articles like this and I have to stop and wonder. In this presidential run up to 2012 two of the candidates are quite interesting and not just because they are Mormon. Just hop over to Google and search for “jon huntsman mitt romney cousins“. Here is an excerpt from one of the articles.

Then there’s the fact that both men are Mormons from large families that have crossed paths. Some tidbits:

Parley Pratt, an early Mormon missionary, is Romney’s great-great-grandfather and Huntsman’s great-great-great-grandfather. That’s how the two GOP candidates are related.

Huntsman’s mother, Karen, lived with Romney’s sister, Jane, while they attended the University of Utah.

Huntsman’s maternal grandfather, David Haight, was best friends with Romney’s father, George. (They grew up together in Oakley, Idaho, and would go swimming in a canal near their homes, Haight recalled in 1998 when Brigham Young University renamed its Institute of Public Management after George Romney.)

Huntsman’s uncle, Bruce, once dated Romney’s sister, Lynn.


Mitt Romney & Jon Huntsman
Mitt Romney & Jon Huntsman

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