Ugly Bride Derailed Arranged Marriage Lawsuit: New Delhi woman was too homely for Massachusetts man

JULY 6–Claiming that the bride in an arranged marriage was too homely for his son, a Massachusetts man is suing friends who sought to set up the New Delhi nuptials. In his lawsuit, Dr. Vijai Pandey contends that he traveled with his family to India to meet his 37-year-old son Pranjul’s future wife, but was “extremely shocked” to discover that the woman was “ugly,” had “protruded bad teeth,” and could not speak English or hold a conversation. The family called off the ceremony, noted Pandey in his Hampden Superior Court complaint, a copy of which you can find below. The lawsuit, which seeks $200,000 in damages, names as defendants Lallan and Kanti Giri, a Maryland couple whose niece was the proposed bride. As Pandey sees it, the Giris are guilty of, among other things, fraud and conspiracy for trying to arrange a union with their unattractive relative. Along with supposedly suffering emotional distress, Pandey alleges that the derailed wedding cost him money spent on travel and long-distance telephone calls. (12 pages)

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