Installing Vudu to your Amazon Fire TV StickTV

A few years ago my DirecTV subscription had reached nearly $300 (US) per month and I finally decided it was time to “cut the cord”. The biggest obstacle would be making sure I had the channels the family was used to or I would never hear the end of it. After some careful research I eventually decided to buy both a mix of Roku players and Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

After connecting and setting up my streaming apps I soon discovered that both had their limitations. With the more and more streaming services coming online (Disney +, Apple TV, Hulu, HBO Max) and many others the limitations have grown shorter but there are still some key features missing. One of the biggest one to me is the fact that Vudu and HBO Max have been absent from both the Roku and Fire TV Stick but I soon found a work around for this problem. I will not go into the specifics of how exactly you can rectify this problem but instead direct you here for a quick and fast approach to eliminate the issue on your Fire TV Stick.

One addition I would say when adding Vudu to your Fire TV Stick use the older version of the Vudu app (starting with version 6 instead of 7) because in my experience the app interface is far superior in version 6.

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