Herman Cain a shocking GOP front Runner was seriously derailed this week by a mini scandal involving allegations of sexual harassment back in the 90’s when he was the President of the National Restaurant Association. The news came out that he was originally accused by one person which he absolutely denied but after much ducking and diving he now sits accused by no less then three women who claim he acted inappropriately way back when. Now I am going to say right here and now I have no idea whether these allegations are true or false and I really am not a fan of Herman Cain although he does have a very inspiring story, but truth be told “Did you really expect anything less”. This is the thing about Herman Cain and quite frankly other blacks who achieve high levels of success, they often quickly forget how difficult it is to Be Black in America, and  no I am not one of those who wants to cry every time the black community is slighted. In fact I think we need to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and take control of our lives, our community and how we act, but that being said I cannot deny that here in 2011 racism is still alive and strong. Are the problems as bad as they were during slavery or in the 60’s no off course not but the same problems still exist. Although African Americans make up 13.6% (41.8 million 2009 census info) of the U.S population the incarceration numbers are staggering.  Take a look at the chart on page 19 from the Department of Justice (CHART) page 19. The Bureau of Justice Statistic shows that in 2009 the male prison population was almost 2.1 million (2,096,300 to be exact) and African American males made up a staggering 39% (814,000) of inmates. I will go into it at greater detail at another time suffice  it to say there are still issues to this day for the black community not to mention what so many incarcerated does to the traditional nuclear family. So when Herman Cain makes comments like these:

“I don’t believe racism in this country today holds anybody back in a big way,” said, Cain, former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, during an interview on CNN. “Are there some elements of racism? Yes, it gets back to if we don’t grow this economy, that is a ripple effect for every economic level, and because blacks are more disproportionately unemployed, they get hit the worst when economic policies don’t work. That’s where it starts.”

What can you do, he further goes on to state:

 “many” African Americans have a level playing field when it comes to economic issues”

And as far out of touch as those comments are I began to see why Herman Cain actually believes he can win the GOP nomination, But that’s a pipe dream along with his belief that African Americans are on a level playing field. Since he has made it he forgets those who still struggle and why they struggle. That same racism that doesn’t rear it’s ugly head as much when you have allot of money will show up as he tries to win the GOP nomination. And it is in fact showing up already with the sexual harassment allegations. Off course El Rushbo wanted you to think it was a hit from the “Liberal Left Wing Media” but as more and more surface it looks like the story was leaked by either a Romney or Perry supporter. This caused Rush to loose his shirt, read this excerpt from his website here.


RUSH: One of the intriguing things to me, folks, about watching the coverage of the Herman Cain story… Like Snerdley came in here to me today and asked me, “Who do you think really leaked this stuff? Do you think it was Romney or do you think it was Perry?” I said, “I think it only matters who leaked it if it’s not true.  If it is true,” if there’s genuine real sexual harassment that went on here, “it’s silly to focus on who leaked it.”

Because it was going to come out anyway, and if it’s true, that’s the bottom line here.  You can get sidetracked, “Well, why should the Republicans be eating their own?” Well… (laughing) We’ve been “eating our own” since as long as I’ve been paying attention.  But it’s also part of the primary process.  That’s not really what interests me.  I mean, it holds some, but I am as fascinated (if not more fascinated) as I read and listen to people talk about how
Herman Cain has handled it, and it seems to be universally agreed that he’s botched it; that he and his campaign by dribbling things out with conflicting bits of information rather than just, “Okay, here’s the whole ball of wax in one announcement;” Others are saying he’s really blowing this.

“You don’t send your campaign chief out there and publicly accuse somebody else’s campaign.  What you do is you whisper it to people, like at The Politico, and you let them run it as a blind item.  But you don’t send your own guy out there to do this!” So a lot of the coverage is on how Cain and his campaign don’t know what they’re doing here.  I have a lot of people on our side writing to me saying, “You know, I don’t care if he’s done it or not.  What troubles me more is the way he’s handling it.  This is not presidential.  This is not giving me confidence that he knows how to handle these things.”  That’s got me scratching my head a bit, because the message seems to be that Herman Cain hasn’t handled a media ambush well and therefore…

“I don’t know, Rush! I don’t think he’s good to go.  He didn’t handle this media stuff very well. I don’t think he can be president.”  Okay, so what is handling it “right,” then?  We have to look to the past.  We have to go back in time and we have to see where in similar circumstances other candidates similarly accused have handled this — and I did that, and here’s what I have concluded.  “Herman Cain can’t be president,” based on what I’m hearing, “because he hasn’t handled this right.”  What he should have done is assigned, as we discussed earlier this week, somebody on his staff to head up a Bimbo Eruption Department.  That’s the way to do this, apparently.

To do this right, you need the guts and the foresight to set up a “bimbo eruption” plan and turn it over to unscrupulous people to execute the immoral, unethical, and probably illegal instructions.  The right way to handle this therefore is you go out and you have a bimbo eruptions babe who deals with all the women who come forward, and then you hire a mad dog assistant who will go out and destroy all the women.  Such comments as (James Carville impression), “That’s what happens when you drag a dollar bill through a trailer park!”  Apparently that’s the right way to do this?  I guess Herman Cain doesn’t have the right way to do this in him.

He hasn’t handled a largely irrelevant media ambush very well.  He isn’t a sufficiently good enough liar to be president, I guess.  So we’ve all seen enough. He doesn’t know how to lie. He doesn’t know how to go out and attack his accusers. He doesn’t know how to have a Bimbo Eruptions Department. He doesn’t know how to destroy everybody involved in the investigation.  He’s a rank amateur and he doesn’t know how to deal with this.  Similar to Newt Gingrich, who didn’t bat down the story of visiting his soon-to-be-ex wife when she was in the hospital.  That’s a story that survived for years.  I know women who hate Gingrich because of this story.  It turns out to be not true.

So if you keep reading Rush basically points out that these bimbos (Rush’s word for women) are picking on Herman Cain and he doesn’t care if it is true or not he should just not attack the other candidates, oh yeah attack the other candidates with underhanded liberal tactics! At least according to Rush. Good luck with that one Herman they were going to get rid of you one way or another, leaving them Romney and Perry so I guess Romney is  next cause they don’t want to run a Mormon either “That’s almost as bad as the Black Guy!”

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