Well some of you may or may not know that I am originally from Detroit, Michigan. I lived there for 3 years and I have an enormous amount of family there. Many of the people in my family work or worked for the Auto industry in Detroit. In fact my grandfather retired from Chrysler. So when I come across stories about the auto industry such as this one, I really stop and take note because it affects my family. With Ford announcing that they plan to close plants in the US and eliminate 30,000 jobs it is shocking to hear that basically they plan to transfer those jobs to Mexico. Because we are now in a global economy I understand the reasons why US companies are now forced to outsource work that was traditionally done in America by Americans. The unfortunate thing is this is just the beginning, of the flow of US jobs south of the border if you don’t believe me just take a look at the following websites:



I will be adding more to this post as I research it but take a look at the links at let me know what you think.

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