One thing I have learned is that corporations act totaly in there own interest. The days of the older generation where you worked at a job starting in the mail room and 30 years later your CEO are over. A few examples are all the news i have been reading today. Lets take a quick look:

NBC Universal will make $750 million in cuts by end of 2001 here.
AOL cutting 1,400 CSR’s in their call centers here.
164 Layoffs at Natural Selections over the E Coli scare here.
EMC cutting 1,250 jobs here.
Bridgestone Firestone cutting 416 jobs at plant in Oklahoma here.
WaMu Cut 5,200 jobs which reduced earnings here.

That was just from yesterday and today’s news, every time you turn around the bottom line is a company only cares about there bottom line. At the end of the day an employee is just an asset to be added or discarded. So here is to corporations and hopefully everyone will not find themselves in that position of loosing a long term job and hopefully people can get out there and form their own corporation!

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