Being a single parent can be hard

Ok I was telling a friend about this the other day and I thought it was pretty funny so I will share it. So many of you may have kids so you know where I’m coming from when I say that “Being a single parent can be hard”. Running them to school, appointments, Dr.s, playground, the store McDonalds (hate them and those happy meals but that’s a rant for another day). But once you get into the routine it can become easier just time consuming, so I want to tell you about the other hardship as a single parent, dating. Now this was about 3 years ago when Kevin was 3 and I was dating someone who lived in another state, so we had to take plane trips back and forth to see each other. So she was here one time and I would let her sleep in my bed and take the couch so my son wasn’t thinking anything was going on. So I think it was second night she was here and she gets me and is like “Come in the room” well I was thinking ok risky but he is asleep, I will just get up early and be out so he will never know wassup. So about 5:45 am I hear  “Dad I want cereal” and I was thinking to myself “Wait a minute that sounds really close, didn’t sound like it was coming from another room”. So I open my eyes and my son is standing in front of me about a foot away in his pajamas. Here I am in bed with “Daddy’s friend” bucked nekkid and my son is staring at me.  So I was like play it cool he doesn’t know you have no clothes on and his focus is on Captain Crunch cereal. “Kevin go sit at the table I’ll be right there and get your cereal” Before I could do anything he says “Let me see your pants” and grabs at the blanket yall!!! I’m struggling with a 3 year old trying not to fall off the bed yelling “Boy stop” Finally he lets go of my part of the cover looks at “Daddy’s friend” and is like “Let me see your pants then” And Jumps over to her and starts yanking on the covers. Man that was embarrassing, had to be much more carefull after that. It took a while and some promises to get him out the room.

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