Well as I previously had mentioned I bought a new MP3 player and I was absolutely in love with it. Till about 2 weeks in I was on my way to work listening to some Notorious B.I.G. (you should try it sometime the perfect music to start your day with) and I came to the end of a song so instead of waiting to hear that awful dead air at the end I figured I would skip ahead to the next song. Well my trusty new Sansa E260 must not have agreed with that idea cause the next thing I knew I was dealing with a $150 paperweight. Now I don’t know about you but I try to spend my money wisely and yes I visit daily forums that list the best deals on the web:


So I get a fairly decent price when I make a purchase, however that doesn’t mean that the product should break within the first 2 weeks. Now I was left with 2 options. Return the product to the retailer I purchased from and get a refund or an exchange, or number 2 return the product to the manufacturer and have them send me a new unit. Returning to the manufacturer was out of the question as far as I was concerned and I had reservations about exchanging for a new unit. If I received a new unit and instead 2 months down the line it “gave up the ghost” then I would be forced to send it to the manufacturer. In the end I decided to return the unit and get a full refund and once again I was in the market for a new mp3 player. So back to those wonderful forums above I found a link to the Apple store where a refurbished IPod Video 30 GB laid waiting for someone to take it home and make this story a happy ending. The price was steeper then the E260 but I took into account a few things one the Apple name is almost as good as it gets for the range of products they produce are all either top line or in the upper echelon, the capacity for the money would be tremendous going from the E260’s 4GB to the IPod 30GB and lastly the number of accessories for the IPod line cannot be compared. So here I am 2 weeks later and the trusty new IPod is still working (and greatly I might add). I am even more amazed then I thought I would be I can’t rave enough about this player and now when I am on the road tooling around in my car I have a good lion’s share of my music rolling with me. The one problem I have had is when my IPod is hooked to my computer and I make a number of changes to ID tags for some reason I end up with the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death”, something I thought was supposed to be nonexistent in Vista. However I noticed that is an issue Apple and Microsoft are aware of and working on so hopefully that will be soon. Other then that I am totally happy with my new IPod and who knows this might just lead me to finally buying that Apple notebook I’ve always wanted!


Ipod Video 30Gb (5th Generation)

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