In this time when they are thinking up ideas on the proposed bailout. How come they could not help out the American people as wells as help the banks. I do not claim to be an expert on financial matters but it would seem to me if they proposed a one time credit to home owners to use on one home. The credit would be for 25% of the principle of your mortgage. So say someone with a mortgage principle of $400k would receive $100k under the plan. That would go directly to there lender reducing the principle to $300k and then offer the homeowner a chance to refinance at a better rate the smaller principle. In this way the lenders get an influx of cash and the homeowners get some releif from a mortgage that may be over their heads. If a homeowner does not want to take advantage of the offer they can remain on the sideline it would be completely optional. I figure they would have to limit it to mortgages orginated since 2001 cause we could not afford to offer the program to every loan on the books.

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