This is absolutely hilarious and the story can be found here.

When Jdate Goes Bad

Here is the story:

6/4/2006 – Dinnertime

So Joanne meets Darren on, and they set up a date for June
4th at the China Grill in NYC. They go out to dinner and Joanne offers
to split the bill, but Darren insists on paying.

6/19/2006 – Evening

Darren leaves a message on Joanne’s home answering machine telling her
that since she didn’t want a second date that she should split the
of the dinner with him, and follows up with this email:


From: Darren Sherman < :
: VM 1now.

6/20/2006 – 10:22 AM
After waiting an entire 19 minutes, Darren decides his argument would
be better served if he forwarded Joanne a snippet from his Amex bill:

From: Darren Sherman < : VM-02.WAV now.

6/20/2006 – 2:38 PM

After receiving this barrage of communications, Joanne decides to fire
off an email to Darren to end this once and for all:

: VM-03.WAV now.
6/20/2006 – 3:12 PM

After waiting a grueling 28 minutes, the stalker king calls Joanne’s
cellphone once again and leaves yet another voicemail. Apparently
feeling that the boss/summons method may not serve his demented needs,
Darren tells Joanne he just called the GM of the China Grill and asked
them to call her to split the bill. He reiterates the threat of a
summons, and continues on with his same demented harassment. “Put your
money where your mouth is. Do the right thing”. J You can listen to
this voicemail by listening to VM-04.WAV now.
6/20/2006 – 3:33 PM

Apparently Mr. SickAndTwisted did call the China Grill, as Joanne
found this voicemail on her cellphone. He obviously told the GM there
was a “discrepancy in the bill” and they “meant to split it”. You can
listen to it by listening to VM-05.WAV now.

This is where the events end. Joanne called back the China Grill and
they apologized for even getting involved and offered to buy her a
drink next time she’s in there.

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