A few Pictures of Me


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I'm sure most people who visit this site will not care to see what I look like, you probably just want to get to know the real me then just  click here. But for those of you that do care to see the person associated with this plain, mundane site here you go.

Here I am Practicing Karate back in the Day Karate Newspaper.jpg

Here is my senior year high school pic from 1990 hspics2.jpg

Here I am with friends in Minnesota Me & friends In Minnesota.jpg

Me (in the middle) and gang of people at Yosemite Yosemite.jpg. if you never been to Yosemite you have to go check it out here

Here I am in San Francisco SF 

Here I am in front off my car (and yes it's a bit cramped) Me and the Corolla.JPG

Here I am chillen in San Diego for thanksgiving 2002 Me Thanksgiving 2002_0035.JPG

At a Basketball game Malcolm0020


Here's a random shot of me Malcolm.jpg

Me at home me chillen.jpg

Here I am at work me at Work Blurry.JPG

Here is another at work Photo0001.jpg

Here I am getting ready for work work2.jpg

and one last one on my way to work me pinstripe Guess2.JPG

Me and Kevin getting ready to go to Chuck E Cheese chuckEcheese-2002-09-15_0016.JPG

On the Way to Jalapeno's with the homie Richard and Han in the backseat Jalapeno's_lunch_Jan_2003

Me in the garage pretending I'm about to fix something DCP_0490.jpg

Work Xmas Party 2003

In the living room Malcolm_Picture_0043
In the living room Malcolm_Picture_0044

Pics of me and some of the Family
My Computers
My Computers

Canon A85 4 Megapixel
 Kodak DX3900 3 Megapixel

Vivitar 3632 2 Megapixel


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